petak, 27. kolovoza 2010.

It is officially my last day in San Diego. Tomorrow I board a plane in Los Angeles that will take me to London... and I won't come back until May. I can't believe It's here, everything has been going by so fast and I feel like summer hasn't even begun.
Last night my sister Lauren and I visited our oldest friend Emily. Her family threw us a going away dinner at their house... the place I practically grew up in. Afterwards the three us us wandered down to the old elementary school where we all used to play hopscotch and suck honey suckles and climb oaks. We scaled one of these said trees and clambered onto the roof, a spot we've been visiting since as long as I can remember. We hung our feet over the edge and told stories about all the crazy shit we did together when we were younger and stupider than we are now. At the end of it all we silently walked back to her house and I said my goodbyes to my second family. Where did time go?